Let's handover a better Afghanistan to our next generations

Our Mission

is to be the catalyst in healing our five decades of wounds in the Afghan society

#MyRedLine is a Social Media campaign that aims to bring the voices of the Afghan people — particularly their RedLines during the ongoing peace talks between the Taliban, the United States and The Afghan government — to the fore.

Our Philosophy

We believe in finding the roots of the problems in our society and start on making it better from bottom to top through grassroots movements, as well as emphasizing on the betterment from top to bottom.

Celebrating Diversity

The rich ethnical, cultural and religious diversity that Afghanistan enjoys, is a source of strength and beauty. We believe in promoting and celebrating diversity.

-- Rahul sing, Afghan Human Right Activist, and Komal, his daughter, dancing during Holi Festival in Kabul. Rahul was kiled in a suicide bombing in Jalalabad. Komal, a Music Student, left Afghanistan after the tragic incident.